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The Permanent Exhibition of Mića Popović and Vera Božičković Popović

Established in 1989, based on the contract between the contributor Mica Popović and the municipality of Loznica. The exhibition was opened on 28 October, 1989. It is situated on the first floor of the Katić House, in 15 Jovan Cvijić Street, Loznica.The Katic House was built in 1878 as a family house for a craftsman and tradesman Marjan Katić. It was made in the spirit of historicism with classicistic and decorative elements of romanticism. The facade is symmetric with the emphasized arced main entrance in the middle, with three narrow openings on both sides. There is a balcony with authentic iron railing in the middle of the first floor. The surface around the windows is decorated with reliefs. The house was declared a monument of culture in 1997.

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Sudar, 1964. Vera Božičković Popović Katic's house I fell, 1981. Mića Popović
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Jovana Cvijića 15, Loznica



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